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Data Koncepts, creator of Mercury Bay Online!, is a small company whose expertise lies in making effective use of the Internet. We specialize in web page design and promotion via world-wide search engines.

Data Koncepts is New Zealand's supplier of DataCards, a shaped mini-CD which enhances professional promotions through multimedia presentations, slideshows, e-book forms, and so much more! Put your LIVE brochure on a business card and watch the effect it has on prospective clients.

Data Koncepts can create a "small business" professional website for a fixed fee and supply extensive hosting services at a rate less than NZ ISPs charge for one of our "free" services. We can even arrange to get your own domain name for a nominal fee (you'll pay less than you have been). Have a look at for details.

Data Koncepts can supply computer hardware and software at "dealer cost" plus a 15% fee and performs minor repairs and upgrades to computer systems.

Data Koncepts scans your photographs (or takes digital photos) and can create desktop wallpaper and/or screensavers. The beautiful Mercury Bay Online! screensaver is but one example (New Zealand Carvings are on display in another one).

Data Koncepts is ALWAYS available by phone or e-mail to answer simple questions for you -- FREE! Of course, any questions you might have about Mercury Bay Online! will always be free, too! Don't be afraid to call, Data Koncepts will answer your questions so YOU understand!

Contact Details

Name: Data Koncepts
Telephone: (64)9-416-6565
027-546-3907 (cellular)
Fax: (64)9-416-6565
Hours: "Customary Hours" are 10 AM to 6 PM, 7 days a week. However, due to customer and personal business, a phone call to confirm availability is advised.
Web site: Stop by our other web sites at and